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Nominations open January 2, 2023

May 24 2023

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Join us in London, on May 24, for the second edition of The Tech Capital Global Awards and celebrate the many talented individuals, teams and companies operating in the digital infrastructure finance, investment, legal and development spheres. A spectacular panel of judges from across the globe will determine this edition's 12 winners.

Nominations will open on January 2, 2023, and run through to midnight ET on March 31, 2023, Friday.

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What to expect



Celebrate innovation and integrated thinking with the first digital infrastructure awards designed for the finance and investment community.



The rigorous nature of the assessment process and judging of The Tech Capital Awards seal the credibility and set these accolades apart from other award programmes.



Enjoy a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere to continue the day’s meaningful conversations with potential new partners, customers, and industry colleagues.


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Award Categories

Digital Infrastructure CFO of the Year Award Category Digital Infrastructure CFO of the Year Award

The Tech Capital Digital Infrastructure CFO of the Year Award recognises outstanding performance by a dedicated and committed digital infrastructure Chief Financial Officer who has in the past 12 months [since March 2022] has gone above and beyond in guiding his/her/they company’s financial strategy. Nominees will be evaluated on their actions that surpass meritorious performance in their role and demonstrate a vision for operational excellence, innovation in finance and management, and exceptional leadership and commitment to improving accountability and financial reporting. Please ensure that letters of support address the criteria and give at least two concrete examples based on the above.

Under 35 Digital Infrastructure Talent Award Category Under 35 Digital Infrastructure Talent Award

The Tech Capital New Talent Award acknowledges a business and finance savvy young member of the digital infrastructure community who possesses a variety of skills and personal qualities that will make them a future business leader in the sector. Limited to individuals born after May 25, 1988, this accolade looks for a commercial mind with an entrepreneurial spirit who demonstrates good ethics, integrity, and morals, as well as creativity and communications skills.

Planet Friendly Finance Award Category Planet Friendly Finance Award

The Tech Capital Planet Friendly Finance Award presents a digital infrastructure team with the recognition for their achievement in sustainability from the successful issuing of green, blue and/or sustainable bonds, to capital deployments that help in the fight against Climate Change. Nominations must include details of green, blue, social and/or sustainable bonds issued including value, sustainability objective, and success metrics. If submitting an entry for capital or other expenditure related to sustainability, please include value, projects, and sustainability benefit.

Location Award Category Location Award

The Tech Capital Location Award is the only annual prize to recognise a geography for its attractiveness and investor friendly climate when dealing with digital infrastructure investors and operators. This accolade is open to all administrative divisions within a country (eg.: city, metro, province, state) and can be submitted by an association, government body, operators, and others. Nominations must explain how the location has worked to attract digital infrastructure investment, the benefits of said geography, and include factual capital allocations by new players.

Digital Infrastructure Deal of The Year Award Category Digital Infrastructure Deal of The Year Award

The Tech Capital Digital Infrastructure Deal of the Year Award champions the outstanding work of a company and dealmakers in closing an M&A transaction or restructuring, across one or more of the following sectors: data centres, towers, fibre, and space. Submissions must succinctly explain the deal in question and defend what makes the transaction a winner by, for instance, describing complex cross-border components, regulatory, an innovative structure and/or exceptional commercial success including healthy returns for investors, and how the deal might have set the tone for a market or laid a template for future transactions.

Lawyer of the Year Category Lawyer of the Year *new for 2023

The Tech Capital Lawer of the Year Award is a top tier legal recognition a legal individual who in the past 12 months has excelled in his/her/they services towards facilitating the advancement of digital infrastructure deals. Supporting the ambitious transformation and growth targets of clients, nominees for this award will need to present at least one concrete example within the digital infrastructure spectrum of a successful development of new practice areas, expansion into new international or domestic markets, new client wins, the completion of a strategic merger or acquisition, improved financial performance, or a successful recruitment policy.

In-House Team of The Year Category In-House Team of The Year

Acknowledging teamwork, The Tech Capital In-House Team Award is handed over to teams working in finance, advisory, and/or legal divisions across professional services and organisations that encourage the growth of digital infrastructure. This award will be presented to a team that can demonstrate outstanding performance on behalf of the company. Bodies up for appreciation include investor relations teams, analyst teams, evaluation, consultancy, advisory and due diligence teams, recruitment teams, and industry association teams. A team must include a minimum of two players. Please include team members’ names when submitting.

Capital Raise of the Year Award Category Capital Raise of the Year Award *new for 2023

In line with the industry’s ongoing trend of capital raising, The Tech Capital’s Capital Raise of the Year Award will be awarded to a digital infrastructure operator who during the review period has successfully secured new financing to expand or restructure its operations. Judges will only consider closed rounds. Please specify the source of the capital, amount raised, closing date, complexities faced during the fund-raising process, the strategy and impact the cash will have in the portfolio as well as the markets where it has or will be deployed.

Investment Group of the Year Award Category Investment Group of the Year Award *new for 2023

The Tech Capital Investment Group of the Year Award is unique and exclusively tailored towards those financing the expansion of digital infrastructure be it through asset acquisition or full portfolio M&A, capital commitment into subsidiaries and/or backed businesses, stock purchases, and more. The award will consider the nature of the transactions, the nominee’s role in the transactions and the volume of deals led by the group during the review period. Please submit real values of investment as well as where the capital has been placed and to what end. This accolade is exclusively open to private equity groups, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, public and private pension funds, fund of funds, family offices, banks, and other financial institutions.

Digital Infrastructure Project of the Year Award Category Digital Infrastructure Project of the Year Award *new for 2023

The Digital Infrastructure Project of the Year Award is a new addition to the 2023 run and will recognise a best-in-class digital infrastructure project not necessarily for its budget, but for its impact on the sector and a location. Submissions will only be accepted from End-User owners occupiers, public or private, regardless of their geographic location or expertise (eg.: data centres, towers, fibre). This award will only consider projects which have been completed no more than 12 months before the nomination deadline. The accolade can still be entered even if only phase one of a larger scheme has been delivered, but the asset needs to be operational and running regardless. Judges will be looking for the reasoning and strategy behind the project, its capital structure, impact, customers and target market, and the long-lasting influence of where it has been constructed.

Global Digital Infrastructure Leader Award Category Global Digital Infrastructure Leader Award

The Tech Capital Global Digital Infrastructure Leader Award is a career achievement award designed to recognise a top executive which has demonstrated outstanding leadership, leading the business through deals, expansion projects, exceptional performance in any area that makes the chosen peer stand out on the global stage. Submissions are invited from leading global names from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, North America, and Africa, and must include at least two concrete examples of superb leadership.

Special Recognition Award Category Special Recognition Award

This is a special accolade given by the judges to an individual or company of their choosing. Judges will independently as a group select one winner and provide the reasoning behind the chosen winner. This category will not have a shortlist.

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COVID Safe Event

The Tech Capital and the venue of the International Finance Forum and Awards 2022 will follow the directives of the UK Government on Covid-19 to ensure the safety of our attendees, staff, and partners. As of March 29, 2022, English law imposes no restrictions on gatherings. Attendees are advised to check the latest travel advise relating to their departure location. We will however take the following measures:

Cleaning & Hygiene

Surfaces will be cleaned on a more regular basis; this includes speaker microphones. Hand gel will be made available to attendees throughout the venue.

Social Distancing

Social distance is not required. In England, face coverings are also no longer required by law. The government suggests that you continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you may come into contact with other people you do not normally meet.

Protect & Detect

Attendees will be required to show their vaccination status either using the NHS COVID Pass or a similar service from their country of residence. Alternatively, delegates can show a negative antigen test taken no longer than 24 hours before 8am of June 08. This is to ensure the safety of all attendees, staff and partners during and after the event as mixing in close contact will take place.

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