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May 24 2023


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At the Heart of Power

Live from London and following a successful first edition, The Tech Capital International Finance Forum makes a return under the theme of "At the Heart of Power" for a full day featuring an in-depth, multi-session agenda focused on bringing together business leaders, financers, investors, funders, senior legal advisers, strategists, trendspotters and the visionaries in charge of building digital infrastructure across the globe to debate, inspire and connect.

This private networking and transactional event brings bold thinking and innovative ideas to life as those constructing and supporting the world’s data centres, towers, and fibre infrastructure examine the latest investor trends from sustainability to new technologies, opportunities, risks, the forces influencing the marketplace, and how to make sense of this ever-changing trade.

With a combined market cap north of US$1 trillion, join delegates from public REITs, infrastructure funds, private equity, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, operators, government agencies, legal and advisory firms and more in setting the path forward for growth across the global stage of digital infrastructure.

The Tech Capital

Featured Speakers

50+ event orators from different continents and industry backgrounds will inspire, debate and engage with IFF23's exclusive audience.

The Tech Capital
Heather Paduck

Heather Paduck

STACK Americas


William Smales

William Smales

H.R.L. Morrison & Co

Partner and Chief Investment Officer

Andrei Milekhin

Andrei Milekhin


Managing Director

Miles Loo, Jr.

Miles Loo, Jr.


Vice Chairman

Tara Giunta

Tara Giunta

Paul Hastings LLP


Germán Cufré

Germán Cufré

IFC, World Bank Group

Global Head

Pieter-Jan Bouten

Pieter-Jan Bouten

Greenhill & Co.

MD, Global Head of Telecom & Digital Infra

Michalis Grigoratos

Michalis Grigoratos

Infrapartners LLC

Managing Partner

Jan Willem van Roggen

Jan Willem van Roggen


Managing Director Infrastructure

Simon Rozas

Simon Rozas

DIF Capital Partners

Head of European Digital Infrastructure

Jan Weismüller

Jan Weismüller



Steve Wallage

Steve Wallage

Danseb Consulting

Managing Director

Philbert Shih

Philbert Shih

Structure Research

Managing Director

Claude Achcar

Claude Achcar

Actel Consulting

Founder & Managing Partner

João Marques Lima

João Marques Lima

The Tech Capital


New Speakers

New Speakers



The Tech Capital

What to expect



Plan your strategy for the year ahead by hearing from 50+ industry experts who will take to the stage to share their vision of the sector, the opportunities and what lies ahead. Join them in an environment designed to foster audience-stage engagement like never before.


Meaningful networking

Build connections and new business with leading peers in the sector from operators to investors, including REITs, funds, banks, equity, debt, bonds, legal, advisory, lobbyists and others. All this and more in a private and friendly enviroment.



Join The Tech Capital Global Awards in celebrating the abundant talent and creativity in digital infrastructure financing. The Awards will take place right after IFF23 and will award individuals, teams and companies.

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Event Agenda






Global Economic Outlook: The Road Ahead

The digital infrastructure industry has taken bold collective action in addressing some of the major challenges imposed by a fragmented world. From multi-billion Dollar consolidation to hefty capital commitments into the deployment of real estate, the sector has had its priorities set on servicing the planet of connectivity and cloud power. This around-the-world kick-off keynote will sharply assess the global digital infrastructure finance and investment landscape across different locations, Wall Street’s play and the fears of a bear market scenario and provide snippets of the road ahead.


The Big Bet: The Tech Capital’s Annual Leaders Debate

Development headwinds continue to deliver on big valuations and expansionary roadmaps. Growth has been a constant across the globe and opportunities remain for discerning investors in both large and small economies. This CXO open forum will discuss the evolution of the marketplace across data centres, fibre, towers, and edge, offer an outlook for the next 12-18 months, and invite the in-room audience to participate in the debate led by some of the world’s largest household names in digital infrastructure investment.


Trade, Growth, and Investment: Navigating Sanctions and Regulation towards solvency

In a time when deglobalisation is gaining pace, navigating the constant changes around legal frameworks can be challenging. Trade wars and economic sanctions do not make it any easier, especially for international businesses that rely on cross-border trading. All this has created a regulatory business environment that is as unprecedented as unpredictable. With the digital infrastructure market fiercely expanding into new realms, this panel will explore the current sanctions and their influence especially on M&A, new regulations around data sovereignty, land, and very importantly, sustainability, and how brands can leverage this disruptive force to their investors and their firms’ advantage.


Networking BREAK


Politics of Digital Infrastructure: International Trade & Foreign Direct Investment attractiveness

Digital infrastructure is rapidly turning into a utility-like foundation of societies and economies across the globe. As much benefit as it brings to users and brands, this real estate vertical also attracts hefty capital commitments that last decades on end and contribute trillions of Dollars into the world’s GDP. In this first of a kind panel, The Tech Capital will bring government representatives to discuss how different administrations in some of the globe’s most burgeoning digital markets are promoting and financing international trade and investment and championing free trade to welcome digital infrastructure investors into their borders.


The next stop: New locations of opportunity

Much of the conversation – and headlines – around digital infrastructure focus on mature economies whose deployments add to large footprints and relatively well served geographies. But what’s next for location investment? Notwithstanding land and power struggles, this panel will explore new locations of opportunity across the world. What investment vehicles are driving that expansion, how much infrastructure is needed, the barriers, the challenges, and the ROI of long-term betting where others don’t dare going.


Special Address: Balancing the books

Every year, The Tech Capital brings on stage two industry heavyweights for a closeup chat and insightful journey through career breaks, investment wins, and headwinds of change in the near future.




Global Energy Outlook: Energy Volatility, Risk Exposure, Decarbonisation, and Regulations

Changing energy market dynamics pose higher risks but also huge opportunities for risk managers that move swiftly. Energy and power stability has become a worrying topic of discussion on the back of international conflict and skyrocketing energy costs. In this keynote, deep dive into the current state of energy with an in-depth risk assessment and investment analysis on energy sources. Learn about what to expect from a market that continues to also carry out deregulation processes and how it directly impacts digital infrastructure deployments, funding, and pricing.


Pivoting Sustainable finance: The new climate infra platforms requiring investment

Over the past 200 years the world has built an economy dependent on fossil fuels, but now, it has less than 30 years to change it over. Digital infrastructure has been at the forefront of that change and continues to adapt to the current energy climate as well as new technologies. But how can climate technology help speed the transition to net zero within this industry? From hydrogen, nuclear power, and alternative proteins to edge and cleverer deployments, this panel will debate the new energy economics, investment stewardship, the up-and-coming energy venture opportunities, their direct correlation into the digital infrastructure sphere, and how they can be used to their utmost potential delivering on ESGP goals.


The Close: What’s next for digital infrastructure M&A?

Despite a volatile macroeconomic landscape, digital infrastructure M&A has seen deal multiples remain high across many subsectors. The many billions of Dollars invested mostly by private equity houses reflects underlying industry trends that are set to navigate harsher economic winds in 2023 and continue to flourish into 2024. But what is left to snap up when most have been taken over? This panel will debate what is next for dealmaking and convergence in digital infrastructure M&A, what business models are emerging, how the banking sector is growing in importance, current market corrections, and what will the next generation of digital infrastructure consolidation look like.


Networking break


Margin Call: Barriers to value creation and access to capital

As the era of “free cash” comes to an end, the financing models around digital infrastructure have been dramatically shifting almost monthly. Access to capital is one of the primary enablers of entrepreneurship, but as the market matures and navigates a world of institutional shift, this panel will debate the current barriers to value creation and market competitiveness, if we have reached the end of debt finance and private equity, how hyperscalers are changing the game on the back of short selling views, rising borrowing costs, banks’ roles, liquidity, and tightening credit.


Stewarding Responsible Growth: Building a viable digital infrastructure ecosystem

As the world continues to consume and produce tremendous amounts of data, the need for digital infrastructure construction will not subside. The metaverse, spiralling cloud adoption, digital currencies, Web 3.0, smart cities, you name it, there are many different agents of change who demand more real estate to house and process data. Bringing together colocation and hyperscale operators, this panel will discuss what is on the cards for development, where the shelf-build/leased balance lies between operators and hyperscalers, the latest developments in infrastructure expansion and what new applications will be enabled by such investments.


Skills, alternatives, and risk: Mastering innovative finance in times of pressure

There is no doubt this is a crucial transitioning period for digital infrastructure. From macro market volatility to recognition as a critical infrastructure subsector, the community is having to rapidly adapt and mature in as little as 24 months. This executive panel will explore the skills needed by investors to navigate this rapidly shifting landscape, what are the new capital access platforms, the new finance and investment vehicle trends like continuation funds, and alternative asset classes for digital infrastructure investment opportunities. The question is: what is next if everything else failed?


Closing Remarks from The Tech Capital



Join The Tech Capital Awards drinks reception in recognising the many talented individuals, teams and companies operating in the digital infrastructure finance, investment, and legal spheres. Our dedicated hosting team will be on hand to guide you to the hosting venue.

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One Great George Street, a four-domed grade II listed Edwardian building close to the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and St James's Park.

Address: 1 Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA

Accommodation: The event organisers have secured exclusive night rates at several nearby hotels. Please get in touch for more information.

How to reach us: One Great George Street is located just 5 minutes walk from both London Underground’s Westminster (Exit 6) on the District, Circle and Jubilee lines, and St James's Park on the District and Circle lines. London's mainline stations at Waterloo, Victoria and Charing Cross are minutes away by foot or by Underground. The venue is also reachable by river (London Eye Pier), by several bus routes 1-2 minutes walk, and is also closely located to several car parks.

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The Tech Capital and the venue of the International Finance Forum and Awards 2022 will follow the directives of the UK Government on Covid-19 to ensure the safety of our attendees, staff, and partners. As of March 29, 2022, English law imposes no restrictions on gatherings. Attendees are advised to check the latest travel advise relating to their departure location. We will however take the following measures:

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